News 66 02.03.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Julien Vauclair NLA

Julien Vauclair will make nineteen!

Julien Vauclair will wear the HCL jersey also in the 2018/2019 championship. The 38 years old Jura defenseman, who is playing his 18th season with the HCL, has indeed signed a new contract with the society valid until the 30th of April 2019. TheHockey Club Lugano and the person concerned will also deepen soon the discussions in view of a future role for Vauclair within the HCL organization when...

News 65 28.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Ryan Johnston bianconero

Incoming defender Ryan Johnston

TheHockey Club Lugano announces the signing until the end of the current season of Canadian defenceman Ryan Johnston, born on 14.02.1992 in Sudbury, Ontario. Johnston (175 cm. x 82 kg., "right") comes from the Swedish team of Lulea with which he played 39 games this year (2 goals, 9 assists). After making a name for himself in the...

News 64 24.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Jani Lajunen Bobby Sanguinetti bianconeri

About Lajunen and Sanguinetti

TheHockey Club Lugano announces to have exercised the option expiring these days to extend the current contract with the player Jani Lajunen for one more championship. The 27 years old Finnish centre, who recently took part in the PyeongChang Olympic Games with his National team, will therefore wear the Lugano's jersey at least until the end of the 2018/2019 championship. Landed...

News 63 24.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Youth Section Juniores Elite Novice Elite Timo Demuth

The HCL family weekend

Busy week for the Juniores Elite and the Novice Elite bianconeri, now nearing the end of the regular season. The former occupy the eleventh position in the ranking with 34 points (in the picture by F. Eicher the player Timo Demuth). The latter are also eleventh in the standings with 42 points in the table, but out of a batch of 13...

News 62 24.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Adler Mannheim Emerson Etem friendly game

Lugano-Adler Mannheim 1-3

With a pinch of sarcasm one could say that these days it's not the case for the Swiss teams to face the Germanic hockey. Jokes aside, Ireland's Lugano came out defeated 3-1 on Saturday night from the cold Seewen rink where it faced Mannheim in a friendly game. The Canadian coach, among other things already...

News 61 18.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL EHC Kloten Flyers All Saints Cup St Moritz 2018 win swiss winter classic

Lugano wins the All Saints Cup in St. Moritz

The immersion in the atmosphere of the "vintage" hockey brought well to Lugano (Foto HC Lugano). After the success in the semi-final on Thursday against Plzen (5-0), the bianconeri won on Saturday night also the final of the All Saints Cup at St. Moritz, defeating Kloten with a score of 4-1. The second "Winter Classic" of Chiesa and his mates on the Engadine ice...

News 60 15.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL HC Plzen All Saints Cup St Moritz 2018 Ticino Rockets

Lugano launched in St. Moritz by the Rockets' push

In its first commitment at the All Saints Cup of St. Moritz, Lugano easily defeated the Czechs of Skoda Plzen, already faced and beaten last season in the Champions League, 5-0. The challenge was played under the stars in the suggestive frame of the open rink prepared by the organisers outside the prestigious Kulm Hotel. Putting on the springboard...

News 59 12.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Christmas 2017 jerseys auction

Auction the winter outfit worn on 23 December!

The exclusive jerseys used during the match on 23 December and their socks are being auctioned off! To participate in the auction, simply register on the website under the menu item ASTA and place your bid. The auction is online from Monday 12 February 2018 at 12 noon and ends on Monday 19 February at 12 noon. The auction base is CHF 250 and the bidding...

News 57 01.02.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Adler Mannheim Thomas Wellinger friendly Seewen

HCL-Adler Mannheim in Seewen on 24 February

Besides participating in the All Saints Cup scheduled in St. Moritz between 15 and 17 February 2018 where they will play two matches, the HCL first team will play a third friendly match during the league break dedicated to the Pyeongchang Olympic Games (F. Eicher photo). Ireland's men will face Germany's Adler Mannheim on Saturday 24 February 2018....

News 56 30.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Swiss Ice Hockey Youth Section Juniores Elite Novices Matewa Villa Näser Molinaro

Four young people bianconeri in the national team

Swiss Ice Hockey has recently announced the call-ups for the various commitments of the Swiss youth selections during the month of February. In the U20 national team (in fact a U19 with boys of the 1999 class) we find the defenseman Lucas Matewa already employed in the first team by Greg Ireland. The team, coached by Corsin Camichel, will play from 13 to 20 February.

News 55 29.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Pietro Sartori Juniores Elite Novices

The HCL family weekend

The last weekend saw a clear improvement in the Elite's performance bianconeri. The boys coached by Pargätzi (in the picture by F. Eicher, Pietro Sartori) held up very well against the first of the class of Bern, when they were only defeated at the overtime, and also held their own against Zug. Net success also for the Novizi Elite...

News 54 26.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Cornèr Arena Cornèrcard Cornèr Bank Vicky Mantegazza Vittorio Cornaro

The Resega becomes Cornèr Arena

Starting from the sports season 2018/2019, theHockey Club Lugano will play its home games on the ice of the Cornèr Arena. The HCL is particularly happy and proud to announce that today its top management has signed a ten years agreement for the concession to the Cornèr Banca Group of the naming on the ice rink currently called Resega. The Group Cornèr Banca will become the...

News 53 11.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA Regular Season presale bianconeri

Advance sales open for last RS at the Resega

TheHockey Club Lugano announces that the presale for the last three Regular Season matches scheduled at the Resega has started: Lugano-Kloten, Saturday 3 February 2018, 7.45 pm Lugano-ZSC Lions, Wednesday 28 February 2018, 7.45 pm Lugano-Davos, Monday 5 March 2018, 7.45 pm Tickets can be purchased directly on the website, on the Ticket Corner website and in the points of the...

News 52 14.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA NHL Emerson Etem foreign bianconero Resega

Emerson Etem is the fifth HCL foreigner

In view of the serious injury suffered by Linus Klasen, who is suffering from a concussion sustained from the head injury sustained by Langnau Tigers' player Cam Barker on Friday at Ilfis,Hockey Club Lugano announces the signing of US forward Emerson Etem, born 16.06.1992, on an agreement valid until the end of the 2017/2018 season.

Two-year renewal for Alessio Bertaggia

TheHockey Club Lugano is glad to announce the contract renewal with the forward Alessio Bertaggia who subscribed an agreement valid until the 30th of April 2020. Born the 30th of July 1993 at Lugano, Alessio is a DOC element of the HCL youthfulness and made his debut in the first team during the season 2010/2011. After the important experience in North America in the WHL between...