News 51 11.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Carnival Rabadan Bellinzona 2017 subscribers bianconeri

Rabadan and HCL partnership renewed!

Once the festivities are over, it is already time to think about Carnival, and so, this year too, we have the pleasure of proposing a partnership with one of the most important carnivals in Switzerland: the Rabadan. This partnership rewards our subscribers with a 10% discount on the purchase of tickets and entry passes to the Rabadan, on advance sale on TicketCorner and at the...

News 50 10.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Greg Ireland Damien Brunner

Everything clarified between Ireland and Brunner

Following on from what was published in today's edition by Blick,Hockey Club Lugano made head coach Greg Ireland and forward Damien Brunner available to the media this morning to definitively clarify the incident of 23 December 2017 during the match against Biel. Here are the most significant passages from the statements of the two players.

News 48 03.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA Lugano Ambri Piotta Ticino derby

Derby ticket info

TheHockey Club Lugano announces that the grandstand tickets for the derby of Friday the 5th of January 2018 at the Resega (7.45 pm) are sold out. The last tickets for the Tribune C sector are still available, but they can be bought exclusively at the HCL Secretariat (opening hours 8.30-12.00 - 14.00-18.00). Through the website and the usual sales channels of the Ticket...

News 47 03.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA Match Siwss League Biasca Ticino Rockets Resega Lugano

Ticino Rockets guests at the Resega

We gladly publish today's press release of the Ticino Rockets. The Hockey Club Biasca Ticino Rockets has the pleasure to communicate the main information regarding the match that the Rockets will play at the Resega on the 14th of January 2018. On the occasion of the Swiss League match scheduled for Sunday 14th January 2018 at 3.45 pm against EHC Olten, the Ticino Rockets will take to the ice of the Resega. Admission will be free for all holders of the...

News 46 03.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA Jani Lajunen ZSC Lions Biel

Everything must be regained

With yesterday afternoon's defeat at the Hallenstadion against the ZSC Lions (6-1), Lugano has definitely been sucked in the league standings into the group of six teams (Davos, Zug, HCL, Bienne, Geneva, ZSC Lions) that, included in five points, occupy the positions from the second to the seventh rank. The performances and results of September, October and November...

News 49 08.01.2018_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Pascal Taiana Juniores Elite Novice Elite

Family weekend bianconera

Weekend with a winning derby also for the HCL Elite who defeated the Valascia, imposing 4-3 at the overtime. In F. Eicher's picture, the forward Pascal Taiana. Alternate results for the Novizi Elite always in the context of the fierce fight at the line. The results: Juniores Elite A: Fribourg-Lugano 10-1, Ambrì-Lugano 3-4 d.s. Novizi Elite: Lugano-Bienne 2-5, Lugano-Davos 2-1, Lausanne-Lugano 1-0 Mini Top:...

News 45 27.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Sankt Moritz All Saints Cup 2018 bianconeri Kloten Plzen

Lugano at the All Saints Cup 2018 in St. Moritz

From 15 to 17 February 2018, due to the break that National League will observe during the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in South Korea, theHockey Club Lugano first team will participate in the All Saints Cup 2018 in St. Moritz. The tournament, in which Kloten, HC Plzen (Czech Republic) and EHC Red Bull Munich (Germany) will also take part, is part of the...

News 44 23.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Merry Christmas Happy HCL Holidays 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow it will be Christmas again! We would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the staff, to all the volunteers who always help us with great passion, to all the Yellow House who support our youth and therefore our future, to all the fan clubs but above all to all our fans for their continued support! A big THANK YOU to everyone...

News 43 22.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL secretariat Christmas New Year's Eve bianconeri

HCL Secretariat Schedules between Christmas and New Year

TheHockey Club Lugano communicates that the Secretariat in Via Maraini 15 A in Pregassona will be open between Christmas and New Year's Day with the following opening hours: Wednesday 27 December 2017 from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 Thursday 28 December 2017 from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 Friday 29 December 2017 from...

News 42 20.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA player statistics Gregory Hofmann Bobby Sanguinetti

Some statistics after 32 matches

The particularity of the calendar of the Regular Season 2017/2018 - with the long break for the Olympic Games during the month of February - meant that by the 20th of December Lugano, as well as its adversaries, had already played more than three fifths of the matches in perspective of the playoffs. Leafing through the official statistics of...

News 41 20.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA Luca Fazzini pre-sale matches

Advance sales open for January 2018 matches

TheHockey Club Lugano announces that the presale for the four championship games scheduled at the Resega in January 2018 has started (F. Eicher's picture) Lugano-Ambrì Piotta, Friday the 5th of January, 7.45 pm Lugano-Geneva, Saturday the 13th of January, 7.45 pm Lugano-Zugo, Saturday the 20th of January, 7.45 pm Lugano-Berne, Friday the 26th of January, 7.45 pm The tickets can be bought directly...

News 40 14.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Golden Tickets Bianconeri  Christmas 2017

Hunting for the Golden Tickets bianconeri!

From Saturday, December 16, starting at 3 p.m., the hunt for the Golden Tickets bianconeri! Among the exclusive panettoni produced in collaboration with Panetteria Bignasca and on sale at Shop'41 will in fact hide 6 "GOLDEN TICKETS" corresponding to 6 beautiful prizes* for a total value of over 4'000.-: 2 season tickets for the 2018/2019 season (excluding sector C) 2...

News 39 11.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Christoph Dux Juniores Elite Novices

Family weekend bianconera

The results (in the picture the Elite's goalkeeper Christoph Dux) : Juniores Elite A: Lugano-Zug 1-2 Novice Elite: Bern-Lugano 4-0, Lugano-Zugo 1-3 Mini Top: Kloten-Lugano 3-6 Mini A: Burgdorf-Lugano 3-0 Moskito A: Lugano-Zugo 4-5 Moskito B: Ambrì-Lugano 5-14 LNA women: Lugano-Reinach 8-2, Bomo Thun-Lugano 4-3 d.r.

News 38 04.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Daniel Gelman Juniores Elite Novices

Family weekend bianconera

If the first team bianconera achieved two victories in the last few days, the weekend did not smile as much on Juniores Elite and Novice Elite. Sharp losses for the former against the two category leaders (pictured by F. Eicher, Daniel Gelman), narrow setback for Krister Cantoni's boys. Results: Juniores Elite...

News 37 01.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Giovanni Morini NLA ranking results

Lugano exalts itself in difficulties

Three away games, three wins. Five goals cashed in, thirteen scored. A superlative performance of Merzlikins at the Valascia, Manzato's first seasonal shutout at the Vernets. After the three consecutive defeats against Fribourg, Bienne and Zug, Ireland's Lugano found again the right way, the one paved with defensive organization, determination in the slot and in the duels, spirit of sacrifice and...

News 36 30.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Mini Season Tickets December 2017

A second chance to subscribe

How many times have you wished for a second chance? Whether it is in life, love, work or related to your greatest passions, 'the train passing by a second time' is among the most common wishes. As has been the tradition for the past few years,HC Lugano has, in fact, created the mini subscriptions guaranteeing a second chance to subscribe for the...