News 39 11.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Christoph Dux Juniores Elite Novices

Family weekend bianconera

The results (in the picture the Elite's goalkeeper Christoph Dux) : Juniores Elite A: Lugano-Zug 1-2 Novice Elite: Bern-Lugano 4-0, Lugano-Zugo 1-3 Mini Top: Kloten-Lugano 3-6 Mini A: Burgdorf-Lugano 3-0 Moskito A: Lugano-Zugo 4-5 Moskito B: Ambrì-Lugano 5-14 LNA women: Lugano-Reinach 8-2, Bomo Thun-Lugano 4-3 d.r.

News 38 04.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Daniel Gelman Juniores Elite Novices

Family weekend bianconera

If the first team bianconera achieved two victories in the last few days, the weekend did not smile as much on Juniores Elite and Novice Elite. Sharp losses for the former against the two category leaders (pictured by F. Eicher, Daniel Gelman), narrow setback for Krister Cantoni's boys. Results: Juniores Elite...

News 37 01.12.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Giovanni Morini NLA ranking results

Lugano exalts itself in difficulties

Three away games, three wins. Five goals cashed in, thirteen scored. A superlative performance of Merzlikins at the Valascia, Manzato's first seasonal shutout at the Vernets. After the three consecutive defeats against Fribourg, Bienne and Zug, Ireland's Lugano found again the right way, the one paved with defensive organization, determination in the slot and in the duels, spirit of sacrifice and...

News 36 30.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Mini Season Tickets December 2017

A second chance to subscribe

How many times have you wished for a second chance? Whether it is in life, love, work or related to your greatest passions, 'the train passing by a second time' is among the most common wishes. As has been the tradition for the past few years,HC Lugano has, in fact, created the mini subscriptions guaranteeing a second chance to subscribe for the...

News 35 29.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Greg Ireland NLA SIHF match penalty

Greg Ireland: 19 October match penalty cancelled

TheHockey Club Lugano would like to inform the fans and the public about the recent decision of the Sole Security Judge of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) by which the complaint filed by the HCL was upheld and the previous decision of the Sole Judge for Disciplinary Procedures of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF), which, on 21.10.2017, had...

News 34 29.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Riccardo Sartori NLA Finland Roki Hockey Rovaniemi

HCL recalls Riccardo Sartori from Finland

TheHockey Club Lugano announces to have recalled in Ticino with immediate effect and until the 10th of January 2018 Riccardo Sartori on loan during the current season to the RoKi Hockey Rovaniemi team that plays the Finnish cadet championship. With his new colours, the 23-year-old defender has played eighteen official games so far. If the process for...

News 33 27.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCLPargätzi Juniores Elite Novice Elite

Family weekend bianconera

One point for the Juniores Elite, six for the Novizi Elite. This is the haul of the top categories of the Lugano's nursery in the past week. Coach Pargätzi's boys (F. Eicher's picture) lost at Davos before bowing at the Resega on penalties against Kloten. Two home victories instead for Cantoni's pupils who continue their strenuous...

News 32 24.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA match presale Romanenghi Morini

Advance sales open for December matches

TheHockey Club Lugano announces that the advance sale for the six championship matches scheduled at the Resega in December has started: Lugano-SCL Tigers, Sunday 3rd December, 3.45 pm Lugano-Lausanne, Friday 8th December, 7.45 pm Lugano-Geneva Servette, Tuesday 12th December, 7.45 pm Lugano-Fribourg, Saturday 16th December, 7.45 pm Lugano-Davos, Tuesday 19th December, 7.45 pm Lugano-Bienne, Saturday 23rd December, 7.45 pm...

News 31 23.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Raffaele Sannitz 700 games

700 games in bianconero for Sannitz

According to the official criterion of the statistics kept by the HCL, which only takes into account the games in which a player has actually been on the ice and doesn't appear only on the referee's sheet, Raffaele Sannitz played his 700th game with the jersey of theHockey Club Lugano last Saturday in Bienne. The club will pay tribute to Raffaele tomorrow night before the...

News 29 21.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Swiss youth national team Elia Riva

I bianconeri in the U17, U18 and U20

The call-ups for the upcoming commitments of the U17 and U18 national teams have been issued. Among the boys selected in the U17 team led by Martin Höhener that will participate in the Four Nations Tournament in Veliky Novgorod, Russia, from December 13 to 17 are defender bianconero Alessandro Villa (class of 2001) and as a pick the other defender from the Youth Section...

News 28 20.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Lucas Matewa Juniores Elite Novice Elite

Family weekend bianconera

Thanks to a goal by Lucas Matewa (pictured by F. Eicher) in overtime, the Elite bianconeri conquered the Geneva rink before bowing out the next day against Fribourg. Two defeats, on the other hand, for the Elite Novices, who float astride the line. The results: Junior Elite A: Geneva-Lugano 2-3 d.s., Fribourg-Lugano 6-2 Novice Elite: Biel-Lugano 5-3,...

2017 HCL moving leaflet 105x148.5.indd

New headquarters for the HCL Secretariat

TheHockey Club Lugano informs you that tomorrow, Friday 17th November 2017, the Secretariat in Via Chiosso 9 in Porza will be closed due to the ongoing move. Starting from Monday, 20 November 2017, we will be pleased to welcome you during our usual opening hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.) in the new HCL Secretariat at...

News 26 12.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Press Release Press

Company press release

With regard to what was published today in the weekly newspaper Il Caffè and subsequently reported by other newspapers,Hockey Club Lugano would like to clarify the following. Discrepancies have recently emerged within the scope of the usual analyses carried out by the club on the number of tickets and season tickets sold. The club has therefore logically initiated the necessary verifications in order to identify the origin...

News 25 06.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL Matteo Canonica Junior Elite Novice Elite

Family weekend bianconera

Very positive week-end for the HCL youthful teams. The Juniores Elite conquered six points, defeating like the first team first Ambrì and then Langnau. Pargätzi's boys now occupy the ninth rank in the league standings (in F. Eicher's picture, Matteo Canonica). The Novizi Elite have conquered Davos. Cantoni's pupils thus hoisted themselves...

News 24 05.11.2017_Hockey Club Lugano HCL NLA ranking Romanenghi Morini

At the break solidly second

With another six-point weekend, its fourth since the start of the season, Lugano approaches the break dedicated to national teams in second place in the standings with the impressive haul of 41 points in 19 games. Only Bern precedes the bianconeri from the heights of a stratospheric 46 points in 19 games and only two losses, right vs.