During December 2022, the 2022/23 eSports Championship (ECL Lite) began, in which 56 teams divided into 4 rounds will compete. Next will be the Playoffs: consisting of the 32nd, 16th, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

The e-Sports team bianconero consists of nine players and two captains: Fabio Anderegg & Reto Dubacher. In ECL Lite there are six players: one goalkeeper, two defenders and three forwards. Go for it guys!

Simultaneously with the ECL Lite league, the eNationalleague also began, in which all fourteen clubs of National League. Teams are represented by one or more players; however, only one can play matches.

The league is structured as follows: clubs compete in a classic first part of the Regular Season (where everyone challenges everyone), then the top six teams qualify directly to the round of 16, while the other teams face the Pre-Playoffs (in two rounds). Then the winners proceed to the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.